The ACA pays a great attention to the training process since its establishment, through training plans and annual training programs, with the aims at:

Providing ACA needs from training programs designed for ACA officers and employees.

Cooperating with training bodies through attending training courses or presenting lectures regarding preventing & combating corruption and the role of ACA in this respect.

Exchanging experiences with counterpart agencies in different countries whether attending workshops or organizing training courses for their staff.

The most important of the training courses are:

Seizing contraventions in economic sector.

Seizing contraventions in services sector.

Seizing contraventions in production sector.

Seizing contraventions in the sphere of taxes & sales.

Seizing contraventions in procurement and financial auditing.

Internal control and the skills of financial auditing .

Public relations and media.

Mechanism of legislation law.

Forgery crimes.

Money laundry and illegal gain.

Infringing on public funds.

Bribery crimes.

Examining compliments.

Surveillance and sources of information.

Mechanism of carrying out combating corruption strategy.

Organizing workshops and regular meeting with employees at different states' bodies to be acquainted with the role of ACA.