15 November 2017
In the course of its efforts to eliminate corruption and keep public funds, ACA arrested two consultant engineers at Mamdouh Hamza Engineering Consultancy Office besides the head of the Checking Sector at Al-Nasr Company, a company following Ministry of Public Business Sector, for receiving sums of money valued as about a million pounds as bribes from the owner of a construction company which is responsible for conducting works of developing AL-Hamrawin Port of Safaga Cityـ  a process which is supervised by Mamdouh Hamza Engineering Office. The bribe was to be paid in return for making the office accept developments made by the company in an illegal way and in contrast to that legally agreed upon. Upon ACA investigations, the accused were arrested where Higher Prosecution ordered searching Al-Nasr Company headquarters and the office where documents affirming investigations were found. Other incidents are being expected to be found out through investigations. ​​

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