International Cooperation

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Focused on administrative oversight since its inception to go along with the latest global developments in all areas of the fight against corruption, prevention and awareness of its dangers and its negative effects on society and the national economy and overall development, for that  central administration of the nternational cooperation communicate​ and coordination with foreign entities. 

The Administrative control authority  concluded many protocols and bilateral arrangements for cooperation and exchange of experiences with many of the corresponding hardware Arab countries and  14 foreign state as follows: ​​

Telecommunications Authority also conducts relations and cooperation and training with other countries, including: (Sweden - Denmark - Italy - Britain - Hong Kong - Singapore - United States of America) and other countries of the world. 

Focused on many of the international organizations to contact the Administrative Control Authority as the core state entrusted with law enforcement in the fight against corruption is the most important: 

- United Nations Office against Drugs and Crime. 

- UNDP is the United Nations. 

- World Bank - Star initiative to recover stolen assets. 

- African Union. 

- The European Union. 

- Organization for Economic Cooperation and social. 

- International Criminal Police Organization - INTERPOL. 

Authority and a member of the Arab Network to promote integrity, transparency and anti-corruption, and the Organization of African anti-corruption agencies. 

The belief of the body in turn offer its expertise and capabilities that have accumulated since its inception in all areas of the fight against corruption to the corresponding organs of the African and Arab countries have organized training courses and workshops for members of these devices in the following areas: 

- Examination of complaints and media reports about the facts of corruption. 

- Field investigations and surveillance. 

- Content analysis and statistical data. 

- Financial analysis and examination of documents. 

- Evaluation of performance and production efficiency in government entities. 

- Communication skills and arts conduct formal interviews. 

- Debriefing skills and examine witnesses. 

- To track stolen assets and procedures recoverable. 

- Adjust the issues of corruption and provide evidence for the investigation agencies. 

- Crime graft. 

- Money laundering offense.​​