Function of Administrative Control Authority according to the law 54/1964:


1. Researching and verifying the causes of insufficie​ncy of business and production and suggesting the means susceptible to remedy.

2. Revealing the imperfection of administrative, technical, and financial systems which hinder the regular Functioning of public organizations.

3. Following-up the execution of laws, and ensuring that the decisions, regulation and systems applied, are sufficient for realizing the objective of their establishment.

4. Detecting the administrative and financial contravention as well as the criminal actions committed by employees during the accomplishment of their function, and taking the necessary precautionary measures to avoid such occurrences within preparation, and denouncing those already accomplished.

5. Verifying the complaints presented by citizens about contravention to law, or negligence in the accomplishment of functional duties; also the observations and suggestions made by them with the aim of amelioration the service, and regularizing the flow of business and the quick accomplishment.

6. Following-up and studying the publications of the press about complaints, and journalistic investigations revealing cases of negligence, lack of due care Abuse of power or exploitation, as well as other cases and aspects handled by the different mass media.

7. Providing the Cabinet Ministers, and to Governors, the information, data, and studies may demand, and for effecting any other supplementary work.

8. Assisting Conducting investigations on candidates for top management posts or candidates to be decorated

9. Conducting investigations on illegal gain cases.

10. Conducting investigations on suspicious financial operations that might include money laundering crimes by coordinating & exchanging information with Anti Money Laundering Unit in the Central Bank of Egypt.​