26 October 2017


ACA managed to arrest the Vice- Governor of Alexandria at the Governorate headquarters after proven involved in incidents of corruption, including bribery, wasting of public funds and profiteering. ACA investigations indicate that the accused has received sums of money, presents and jewelries costing more than a million pounds from some businessmen in return for exploiting her authorities and dysfunctioning her job duties in nullifying the execution of the judgments issued concerning destructing buildings built on state owned lands in contrast to law, as well as exempting the holders of these lands of paying due fines (10 million pounds) in a harmful way to the state. In addition, the accused insisted on concealing her illegal gained assets under names of other people in order not to be detected by ACA. Upon ACA investigations, the Attorney General issued a warrant of arrest to the main accused and all involved partners in the case. Consequently, ACA attacked the accused and other five businessmen red-handed with documents of accusation, and are currently under public prosecution investigations​​

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