4 March 2018


​​​​Today Minister Mohamed Erfan, Chairman of Administrative Control Authority (ACA) held a meeting with  Professor, Ibrahim Agabola​ Gambary Ex- Minister of Nigerian Foreign Affairs and the  Member of Public Figures Committee for African Mechanism for Reviewing  Counterparts and his distinguished delegation.


The meeting is considered in the framework of Egypt volunteer to be reviewed by African Mechanism for Reviewing Counterparts.          


The meeting addressed the main successful practices in the sphere of preventing and combating corruption and successful national exerted efforts in implementing the goals of National Strategy for Combating Corruption and spreading the values of integrity and transparency within the State Administrative Units , that according with African Mechanism pillars.


The meeting also discussed the efforts that Egypt has realized in the sphere of social protection after the economic reform procedures and the unprecedented achievements that Egypt has accomplished at the international level in treatment of Virus C and the acknowledgment of World Health Organization (WHO).


At the end of the meeting the head of delegation asserted on the necessary of communication among ACA and the African State Parties to benefit from the Egyptian experience in the field of preventing and combating corruption.                        



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