Combating Corruption

The approaches of ACA regarding combating corruption:
The ACA has four approaches to fight corruption:

The first one is achieving precaution or preventive control through:

- Studying negative phenomena and gabs in laws & regulations and recommend the suitable means to avoid its occurrences.
- Improving the sources of information to early detect the contraventions especially in the sphere of tenders.
-  Verifying the procedures of investigations on the candidate for the top management posts and applied the code of criteria to achieve integrity and impracticality.
- Carrying our regular investigations on posts more vulnerable to corruption.

The second one is initiative policy toward corruption through:

- Seizing infringing on public funds cases and the deviation of public servants.
- Persuading the cases of profiteering of public posts and illegal gain cases.
- Persuading the cases of custom &tax evasion.
- Paying a great attention to the citizens' complaints.

The third one is public awareness of the gravity problems caused by corruption  ​